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Pewtor, Dartmoor

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Dartmoor Commoners' Council Elections 2022

The following members are due for re-appointment, unless other nominations are received. North: Crispin Alford & Michael Reddaway. South: Philip Cleave & Ann Willcocks. East: Layland Branfield & Gordon Mortimore. West: Phil Abel & Mary Alford. Election Meetings to be held between 7pm-8pm. North: Mon 6 June Okehampton Police Station Car Park. South: Tues 7 June Moretek Car Park, South Brent. East: Mon 13 June The Old Inn, Widecombe. West: Tues 14 June Tavistock Livestock Centre. Contact the Secretary of Dartmoor Commoners' Council for further information.

Dartmoor National Park Byelaw Review

Here is Dartmoor Commoners Council response to the byelaw review



There is currently an outbreak in some of the pony herds of a very infectious respiratory disease. It is called 'Strangles' caused by a Streptococcus. It is easily spread by pony to pony contact from nasal discharge, which can also contaminate personal clothing & items, leading to further spread to ponies. Therefore, please observe & enjoy from a distance. Confirmed cases to date on Haytor Down, Trendlebere Down & more recently, Dunnabridge Common. Infected animlas are being monitored by their owners & Livestock Protection Officer. Advice NOT to feed the ponies still applies.

Loss of Livestock

Council is continuing to monitor reports of missing livestock in order to gain a better understanding of the scale of the issue, be able to identify if there are any specific hot spots & gather evidence to raise the matter with the Police. PLEASE REPORT ANY INCIDENTS OF MISSING LIVESTOCK DIRECTLY TO THE COMMONERS' COUNCIL OFFICE. TEL: 01822 618892