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Sheep Clearance 2023

ALL SHEEP are prohibited from the commons of Dartmoor during the following dates: South Moor: 11-25 November North Moor: 18 November - 2 December Read More ...

Natural England

The Dartmoor Commonersí Council (Council) is aware of the situation involving many of the Dartmoor commons that are due to be offered a HLS roll over in 2023. We are also aware of the concerns and the worry and pressure implications of the proposed significant reduction in stocking levels and the impact on the farms, the commons but also the mental well-being of the farming community. Read More ...

Loss of Livestock

Council is continuing to monitor reports of missing livestock in order to gain a better understanding of the scale of the issue, be able to identify if there are any specific hot spots & gather evidence to raise the matter with the Police. PLEASE REPORT ANY INCIDENTS OF MISSING LIVESTOCK DIRECTLY TO THE COMMONERS' COUNCIL OFFICE. TEL: 01822 618892

Crazy Well Cross

Dartmoor Commoners' Council, 1 Canal Road, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 8AR  Tel: 01822 618892

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