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Financial Estimates for 2021/2022

Copies of the estimate were sent to all Council Members in February 2021 with a proposal from the Chairman that Council approve the estimates subject to consideration being given to the staffing resources for Council.  If additional resources are required, funding may initially need to be taken from Council's reserve funds.  The proposal was agreed by 20mvotes to none & no abstentions.  As such, the financial estimates for 2021/2022 were formally approved.

Accounts & Auditor's Report

Following sight of the draft financial statements & with no objections, Council Members voted to adopt the accounts for the year ending 30 June 2020.

Duchy of Cornwall: Agistments - South Quarter of Forest of Dartmoor

Council Members voted not to challenge the Duchy's proposed changes to the agistments following the retirement of the agister: 17 Members voted in favour of the proposal; 2 members voted against & 1 Member abstained.

Council's Pony Consultation

The Chairman made a proposal to consult with Council Members & other interested parties with the aim of creating a list of concerns & issues relating to ponies, including the derogation, for consideration by Council's Pony Working Group & ultimately Council.  The proposal was passed by 20 votes to 1 & no abstentions.

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