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New Chairman & Vice-Chairman
Following Council's AGM, Philip French was elected Chairman for Dartmoor Commoners' Council & Layland Branfield was elected Vice-Chairman.

DNPA to use Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 to regulate camping
The DNPA has used powers under the Dartmoor Commons Act (1985) to stop large numbers of people treating Bellever as an informal campsite & give the site time to recover. A camping ban comes into force on 7 August for 27 days. There have been unsustainable levels of anti-social behaviour with littering, human waste & fires causing damage to habitats & animals. The only type of camping allowed on specific parts of Dartmoor is backpack camping for 1 or 2 nights,carrying your tent & equipment in a rucksack, with zero impact on the environment.

Loss of Livestock
Council is continuing to monitor reports of missing livestock in order to gain a better understanding of the scale of the issue, be able to identify if there are any specific hot spots & gather evidence to raise the matter with the Police. PLEASE REPORT ANY INCIDENTS OF MISSING LIVESTOCK DIRECTLY TO THE COMMONERS' COUNCIL OFFICE. TEL: 01822 618892


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