Dartmoor Commoners Council

Members Declaration of Interest

PHILIP FRENCHCouncil Representative:-Dartmoor ELMs Test & Trials Advisory Group
ChairmanDartmoor Commons Owners AssociationDartmoor Local Access Forum - Member
South QuartermanDartmoor ELMs Test & Trials Project BoardNFU Uplands Forum - Member
 Dartmoor Rural Crime Partnership 
 MOD Dartmoor Steering Group 
 National Common Land Stakeholder Group 
 RPA Commons Stakeholder Group 
 Working Groups:- 
 Shaugh Prior Commons (CL190) Issues 
LAYLAND BRANFIELDCouncil Representative:-Dartmoor Hill Farm Project Steering Group - Member
Vice-ChairmanDartmoor National Park ForumFarming Furures Steering Group - Member
East QuartermanDevon TB Eradication GroupGreater Dartmoor LEAF
 South West Uplands Network (SWUN)NFU Uplands Forum - Member
  National Sheep Association - Member
 Working Groups:-The Uplands Alliance
 Shaugh Prior Commons (CL190) Issues 
PHIL ABELCouncil Representative:-Scotch Blackface Sheep Association - Member
West QuartermanPony Action Group Scotch Blackface Sheep Association (West of England) - President
South West Mule Group - Chairman
 Working Groups:-Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Association - Member
CRISPIN ALFORDWorking Groups:-Throwleigh Commoners' Association - Chairman
North QuartermanPony 
MARY ALFORDCouncil Representative:-CLA - Devon Rep on Environment Committee
West QuartermanCommon Cause Steering GroupDartmoor Hill Pony Association - President
 Mires Restoration ProjectDevon CLA - Member of Environment London Committee
  Forest of Dartmoor HLS - Trustee
 Working Groups:-Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt - Chair
RUSSELL ASHFORD Buckfastleigh West HLS - Trustee
Owner of Common Land Representative Dartmoor Commons Owners Association
  Dartmoor ELMS Test & Trials Advisory Group
  Dartmoor ELMS Test & Trials Project Board
  Dartmoor Hill Farm Project Steering Group - Chairman
  Uplands Alliance - Member
PHIL CLEAVE Forest of Dartmoor HLS - Trustee
South Quarterman Holne Commoners HLS & UELS - Chairman
  Holne Commoners - Trustee
ANTON COAKERCouncil Representative:-Belted Galloway Society - Member
South QuartermanDevon TB Eradication GroupRiggit Galloway Society - Secretary
 Mires Restoration Project - Interest Declared 
 Working Groups:- 
 Shaugh Prior Commons (CL190) Issues 
JOHN COOPERCouncil Representative:- 
North QuartermanMOD Dartmoor Working Group 
Co-opted Member NFU Uplands Forum
  SW River Basin Liaison Panel
  Various Wildlife Site Panels
  Wessex Water Catchment Panel
KEN EDWARDSWorking Groups:- 
East QuartermanPony 
CHARLOTTE FAULKNERCouncil Representative:-Dartmoor Hill Pony Association - Secretary
East QuartermanTrading Standards Farming PartnershipDartmoor ELMS Test & Trials - Advisory Group 
  Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony - Vice-Chairman
 Working Groups:- 
GEORGE HILL Mary Tavy Victory Memorial Recreation Ground - Chairman
West Quarterman Mary Tavy Parish Council
JOHN JORDANWorking Groups:-Gidleigh Commoners Association - Vice-Chairman
East QuartermanPony -  Chairman 
STUART LAKEWorking Groups:-Dartmoor Pony Moorland Scheme - Committee Member
Veterinary SurgeonPony Duchy of Cornwall Moorland Pony Committee
ROBERT LEIGHWorking Groups:- 
West QuartermanShaugh Prior Commons (CL190) Issues 
KATE LITTLE Belstone Parish Council Clerk
North Quarterman Royal Town Planning Institute
  Skaigh Wood Trust - Secretary
TRACY MAYCouncil Representative:-Bridestowe & Sourton HLS - Treasurer
North QuartermanDartmoor Rural Crime PartnershipDartmoor ELMs Test & Trials - Advisory Group
  Dartmoor Farming Futures Steering Group - Member
  Dartmoor Peatland Partnership - Common Liaison
  Forest of Dartmoor Commoners Association - Treasurer
 Forest of Dartmoor HLS - Administrator
  Lydford Commoners Association - Secretary
  Lydford Common HLS - Administrator
  Okehampton Copmmoners Association - Livestock Counter
GORDON MORTIMORECouncil Representative:-Chagford Commoners' Association - Vice-Chairman
East QuartermanDartmoor Hill Farm Project Steering GroupDartmoor Hill Pony Association - Member
  Forest of Dartmoor Association - Trustee
 Working Groups:-Scotch Blackface Sheep Association - Member
MARK RADMOREWorking Groups:- 
West QuartermanPony 
MICHAEL REDDAWAY Belstone Commoners' Association - Chairman
North Quarterman  
ROB STEEMSONWorking Groups:-Dartmoor Assessor Network (DofE) Co-Ordinator
DNPA RepresentativePonyDartmoor Rescue Group Executive
  Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition Link
  Ilsington Parish Councillor
  Widecombe Primary School - Governor
TOM STRATTON CLA (Devon Branch) - Member
Duchy of Cornwall Representative Dart Fisheries Association - Chairman
  Dartmoor Commons Owners Association - Secretary
  Dartmoor ELMS Test & Trials - Advisory Group & Project Board
  Dartmoor Hill Farm Project Steering Group - Member
  Dartmoor Peatland Partnership
  Dartmoor Pony Moorland Scheme - Committee Member
  Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-operative - Director
  Farming Furures Steering Group - Member
  Forest of Dartmoor Commoners Association
  Forest of Dartmoor HLS - Landowner Representative
  Pony Action Group
JOHN WALDONWorking Groups:-Dartmoor ELMs Test & Trials Project Board - Chairman
 Shaugh Prior Commons (CL190) Issues 
Co-opted MemberTB 
PENNY WARREN Dartmoor Local Access Forum - Member
Owner of Common Land Representative Gidleigh Commoners Association - Chairman
DEREK WEBBER/ANDREW COOPER Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council - Chairman (DW)
DNPA Representative  
ANN WILLCOCKSCouncil Representative:-Chagford Commoners' Association (HLS only) - Secretary
South QuartermanDevon TB Eradication GroupDartmoor ELMS Test & Trials - Advisory Group
 South West Uplands Network (SWUN)Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association - Secretary
  Devon CLA - Committee Member
 Working Groups:-Harford & Ugborough Commoners Association - Secretary
 TBHolne Commoners Association - Secretary
  NFU Uplands Forum (South West Region & National)
  Spitchwick Commoners Association (HLS only)- Secretary
  Throwleigh Commoners Association (HLS only)- Secretary


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