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Sick & Injured Animals on Dartmoor

Contact LIVESTOCK PROTECTION OFFICER Karla McKechnie on 07873 587561

Road Traffic Incidents Involving Animals on Dartmoor

In the event of an incident or road traffic accident involving animals on the commons, the contact is one of the Quartermen (see below) from the relevant quarter of Dartmoor or Karla McKechnie, the Livestock Protection Officer (mobile 07873 587561).

The Quartermen are hill farmers who graze stock on the commons so they have a good working knowledge of their local area and will be familiar with the animalsí ownership marks.  The owner of the animal can be identified from the coloured marks, ear tags or brands on the body of the animal.

The location of the incident should be given as well as any identifying marks or tag numbers to the Quartermen.  These details will give an indication of the ownership of the animals, which tend to graze in specific areas of the Moor.

The owner should ALWAYS be informed if the animal is injured or killed and needs to be removed from the road.  The farmer is legally obliged to account for each animal that they own and, if stock is removed without their knowledge, they are unable to justify the missing animals to Defra who record each animal on a national database.


Mr John Cooper, East Okement Farm, Okehampton - 01837 840439
Mr Brian Lavis, Paddock, Okehampton - 01822 820434
Mr Crispin Alford, Middle Week, South Zeal - 01647 231270
Mr Michael Reddaway, Restland Cottage, Sampford Courtenay - 01837 840425

Mrs Kate Little, Moorlands North, Belstone, Okehampton, EX20 1QZ
Mr Phil Cleave, Mill Leat Farm, Holne - 01364 631283
Mrs Ann Willcocks, Meads Farm, Harford - 01752 892312

Mr Anton Coaker, Sherberton Farm, Hexworthy - 01364 631276

Mr Philip French, Corringdon Farm, South Brent - 01364 72295

Mr Gordan Mortimore, Higher Shapley Farm, Chagford 01647 432487
Mr Layland Branfield, Moorlands, Princetown 01822 890642
Mr John Jordan, Moortown Farm, Gidleigh 01647 433220
Mr Maurice Retallick, Bagtor Lodge, Ilsington 01364 661269
Mrs Mary Alford, Moortown Farm, Tavistock 01822 613327
Mr Phil Abel, Higher Godsworthy, Tavistock 01822 810211
Mr Neil Cole, Pew Tor Farm, Sampford Spiney, Mobile 07812901985

Mr George Hill, Kingsett Farm, Mary Tavy 01822 810302



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